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Excellent material for advanced hydrogel wound dressing.

An extraordinary duo-material fabric

With the patented HIPNA technology, AQUIPHER® perfectly combines hydrogel and TPU non-woven, so AQUIPHER® has become a duo-material fabric with the absorbency of hydrogel and the flexibility of TPU non-woven.

Anchor with pressure-sensitive adhesive layer to develop advanced wound dressing

An AQUIPHER®-empowered hydrogel wound dressing has the following clinical advantages :

• Less pain. Less scar
• Faster recovery
• Dressed with comfort
• Easy care


Tensile Strength







with special formulation


Innovative Product for Wound, Healthcare, and Beauty


HIPNA Technology (Hydrogel with IPN Anchor) : The interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) is formed by integrating a part of the hydrogel layer on the top, an interpenetrating polymer network in the middle, and a non-woven layer on the bottom, wherein the interpenetrating polymer network is a mixture of the hydrogel and the non-woven, providing exposed fibers of non-woven to anchor with the pressure sensitive adhesive film.

AQUIPHER® comes from the patented HIPNA (Hydrogel with IPN Anchor) technology, perfectly combines the hydrogel and multi-directional flexible non-woven fabric.

This duo-material still retains their individual characteristics: transparent, multi-ductile, and highly absorptive. With the exposed fibers of non-woven, it can strongly anchor with pressure sensitive adhesive film to develop different products in advanced wound care, consumer healthcare, medical cosmetics.

Product name Reference code Width Length
AQUIPHER Master Roll 91503100 310 mm 100 m

Product Name:AQUIPHER
Reference code:91503100

Characteristics Method Specification Unit
Ball tack JIS Z0237 13~17 -----
Width 0.5mm Resolution Precision Stainless Steel Ruler 310±2 mm
Thickness MOA/Precision 0.01mm Micrometer Thickness Gauge 0.30±0.05 mm
Weight(2*2cm²) MOA/0.0001g Digital Precision Scale Lab Analytical Balance 0.1400±0.04 g
Water Absorption Ratios MOA/0.0001g Digital Precision Scale Lab Analytical Balance >20 -----
Length Counter 100-110 M

Storage under normal temperature 25±5℃and55±10%RH
Shelf Life
6 months